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Larowa spotlight skinfix Primer

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Larowa spotlight skinfix Primer


Since the establishment of the company in 2000, we have aimed at the professional specialization and diversification of mask packs through our
independent technologies of Ion Massager and Ultrasonic Massager to overcome the limitation that the special environment of cosmetics market
and to make our aggressive effort to enter the market, have achieved the continuous
development by research and production of cosmetics unifying functional and natural features with skin care and OEM brand, and make our utmost effort

for the formation of the close relationship with the related organizations together with the development of cosmetics market.
As everyone has the desire to be beautiful, FanipinKorea Co., Ltd. carries out the research, development and production to realize the idea
to think the environment and contribute to human beings with the mindset of a social entrepreneur in order to realize the dream of the perfect
beauty of appearances from the real internal beauty.

Besides, we have developed the proprietary technology and knowhow by the innovative product development and the consistent research of information
and technology using the new materials and technology, enabled to launch to the local market and overseas market owing to the efficient manufacturing
of the quality products, and we will make our consistent effort to grow as the global top brand responding the culture and desire of the cosmetics market with our diverse products.


"It is the primer of silky feeling that covers standing out pores and wrinkles at once before makeup.
It immediately covers the part with lots of pores and the part wrinkles form.
It provides the skin with natural gloss with the pearl color.
Less excitation and wrinkle jamming of makeup due to rich moisturizing
It helps to display the tight and clear skin as grapefruit extract makes the skin elastic and apricot extract makes the skin white.
After the basic care, take the appropriate amount and apply spreading it around the eyes with lots of wrinkles and around the nose and cheeks with a lot of pores.
Persistence effect by sebum control powder"